Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sierra Reed Voted Off "Survivor Tocantins"

On yesterday's "Survivor Tocantins" 23 year old model Sierra Reed became the tenth castaway voted out of the game. The episode began with Stephen and JT explaining to Coach and Debbie why they voted Tyson out and didn't tell them. While they were wary at first, eventually they accepted it probably because they had no other option. Later, the castaways met Jeff for the Reward Challenge which had the survivors answering questions about their fellow tribemates based on what they thought the group consensus would be. Each correct answer would allow them to chop one of their opponent's three ropes. Stephen lasted the longest and was awarded with a home cooked meal from a local family and a trip to a hot spring. He chose Taj and JT to come with him and sent Erinn to Exile. Back at camp, Coach and Debbie approached Sierra about reforming the Timbira alliance but Sierra wanted no part of it. When the others returned from their reward Coach twisted the story and made it sound like Sierra approached him about starting an alliance. The next day the tribe competed in the Immunity Challenge which consisted of using grappling hooks to retrieve three bags and then navigating a ball through a large table maze. Coach won both rounds earning him his first individual immunity. At tribal council Stephen and JT stuck with the original plan and voted Sierra out, making her the third member of the jury. Now only six castaways remain, who will be eliminated next?