Monday, May 11, 2009

Victor & Tammy Jih Win "Amazing Race 14"

Yesterday, on the season finale of "The Amazing Race 14" sibling lawyers Victor and Tammy Jih crossed the finish line first and won the $1 million grand prize. The episode began with the final three teams flying from Beijing, China to Maui, Hawaii. Once there, they drove to beach access location #118 where they learned they had to season and carry a 145 pound pig 200 yards to a barbecue pit. Victor & Tammy and Cara & Jaime both had trouble transporting the pig, allowing Margie & Luke to take the lead. When the task was completed the teams were instructed to McGregor Point where they got on jet skis and searched through 100 buoys for their next clue. Once they found one, the teams drove to a Hana Highway surf shop where the final Roadblock awaited them. One team member had to search among 300 surfboards for eleven that featured sights they encountered in each leg of the race. Luke chose to do the task and started off strong, lining up the first nine boards correctly. However, he got stuck on the last two giving Victor the chance to catch up and ultimately overtake him. Victor and Tammy then made their way to King Kamehameha golf course where they crossed the finish line and won the race. Jaime & Cara eventually came in second followed by Margie & Luke in third.

If you missed it, CBS posted the finale here!

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