Monday, June 29, 2009

"Big Brother 11" House and Twist Revealed

Today, CBS officially revealed some exciting info about the "Big Brother 11" house and twist. First, the twist. This season the houseguests will divide themselves into two groups. Every week one group will become the "Have's" and the other will become the "Have-Not's". Presumably, that means one group will get luxuries while the other will have to suffer. The houseguests will compete this way for the first couple weeks and then play the game individually. Also, this year will have a High School theme featuring groups like jocks, populars, brainiacs and outcasts.

Next up, the house. This year will feature a green house with an Asian design as well as a room that looks like a swimming pool. Below are three videos of 12 reporters who lived in the new house for 12 hours and recreated a week of "Big Brother". Check it out for a look at the brand new house!