Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jillian Dumps Robby, Tanner & Jake

On yesterday's "Bachelorette" Jillian said goodbye to Robby, Tanner and fan favorite Jake. The episode began with the guys and Jillian embarking on a train ride across British Columbia. Robby was the lucky recipient of the first one-on-one date, but because of their different stages in life Jillian decided not to give him a rose and literally booted him off the train. The next day the gang stopped at Emerald Lake for the group date where Wes cozied up to Jillian but revealed his true intentions to the camera ''If there's anybody here for a hidden agenda, it would probably be me. I have nothing to lose. I have everything to gain. So I kind of just slip right back into Jillian mode.'' Wow! The producers really let this jerk on the show?! Anyway, in the end it was Kiptyn who snagged the rose ensuring Jillian would get to meet his family. The next day Jillian took Reid to Lake Louise for her final one-on-one date. After snowboarding and dinner Jillian gave Reid a rose advancing him to next week. Finally, the train stops in Banff for the rose ceremony. Jesse, Wes and (shocker!) Michael get roses, while Tanner and Jake have to say goodbye.

But this isn't the last time we'll see Jake. In the preview we see Jake coming back to confront Wes and maybe also the return of Ed. Looks like a lot of drama and twists are in store in these coming weeks. Do you think Jillian's making the right decisions? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!