Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Cast Revealed

Today, CBS officially announced 12 houseguests who will be competing on "Big Brother 11". As expected, the contestants fall into one of four high school cliques: jocks, populars, brainiacs and off beats. Eight of the twelve are in their 20s, three are in their 30s and one is 41. The groups will compete in challenges together and the winning HoH will not be allowed to nominate someone in his clique. However, all voting and evictions are done individually. Also, instead of food challenges there will be "Have and Have-Not" challenges where the losing group will sleep in an uncomfortable room and have slop & a food restriction we the viewers vote for. What do you think of the new cast?

Here's a video of the new houseguests:

And here's a tour of the new house:

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