Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Casey Evicted, Russell Wins the Endurance HoH

During the just ended "Big Brother" live show, Casey became the third person evicted from the house. The vote was 7-1 with Casey receiving one lone vote from Russell. After his eviction Julie Chen called the remaining houseguests into the living room for two important announcements. First, that the cliques were now dissolved and it was strictly an individual game. Also, one houseguest chosen by America would be receiving a special power that could be used once in the next two weeks. The houseguests don't know it yet, but the power is the Coup d'Etat which will allow one person to overrule the HoH's nominees and pick two new ones. Finally, at the end of the show the houseguests started an Endurance HoH comp. When the feeds clicked in at 9:30 Kevin, Lydia and Ronnie had fallen. Hallelujah! Ten minutes later Natalie was eliminated! At 10:30 Jordan fell. Then, at 11:10 Chima dropped. Twenty minutes later Michele fell. Finally at 12:25 Jeff gave up after Russell swore on his dad's life that him and Jordan were safe. Now that Russell is HoH, who will he nominate? We'll find out during tomorrow's nomination ceremony!