Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Jessie is 13th Houseguest and is Crowned First HoH

Minutes ago the season premiere of "Big Brother 11" ended and we learned who the mystery 13th Houseguest was.... Jessie from "Big Brother 10"! The show started with the 12 new houseguests entering the house for the first time. After introducing themselves to each other Julie Chen came on to tell them this season's twist - that they would be divided into four High School cliques. The four groups then competed against each other in the first HoH competition of the season. However, none of the winning teammates would get to be HoH. Instead, a former houseguest representing that clique would enter the house and become the 13th contestant. Brian ("BB10") was chosen as the Brains, Jessica ("BB8") was the Popular, Cowboy ("BB5") was the Off-Beat and Jessie ("BB10") was the Athlete. The 12 new contestants were then hung wedgie-style and had to hold on to a toilet seat for as long as they could. One by one the houseguests fell until only the Populars and Athletes remained. In the end, the Athletes pulled out a victory ensuring their safety and winning Jessie HoH in the process.

Who will Jessie nominate and who will win the PoV? We'll probably find out when the feeds click in tonight at midnight. If you don't have the live feeds, don't worry! Reality TV has you covered! Check back soon for up-to-date spoilers!

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