Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Meet the "Big Brother 11" Houseguests

Here are 12 of the 13 Houseguests who will be competing on this summer's "Big Brother 11". There is one mystery houseguest who won't be revealed until premiere night, Thursday July 9th. Until then, take a look at the other 12 contestants we'll be watching all summer long...

Jordan Lloyd 22 Waitress Matthews, NC

Russell Kairouz 24 Mixed Martial Artist/Broker Walnut Creek, CA

Laura Crosby 21 Bikini Model Atlanta, GA

Kevin Campbell 29 Graphic Designer Chula Vista, CA

Braden Bacha 28 Surfer/Model Santa Monica, CA

Natalie Martinez 24 Tae Kwon Do Champion Gilbert, AZ

Michele Noonan 27 Neuroscientist Pasadena, CA

Jeff Schroeder 30 Advertising Salesman Norridge, IL

Chima Simone 32 Freelance Journalist West Hollywood, CA

Ronnie Talbott 30 Gamer Belpre, OH

Lydia Tavera 24 Special Effects Make-Up Artist Torrance, CA

Casey Turner 41 Fifth Grade Teacher/DJ St.Petersburg, FL