Monday, July 20, 2009

"Bachelorette" Shocker: Reid Will be Coming Back for Jillian on the Season Finale!

Many "Bachelorette" fan's dreams will be coming true. On the "Men Tell All" special that just aired it was revealed that Reid will indeed be coming back to woo Jillian on next week's season finale. Unsurprisingly, Wes was absent from the reunion but so too was Reid sparking rumors that he would be returning on the final episode. Those rumors were confirmed tonight during the preview for next week's show. It was revealed that right before Jillian was to choose between Ed and Kiptyn, Reid will show up with ring in hand. How will this affect Jillian's decision now that she will have three men to choose from? We'll find out one week from now during the big season finale!

Now that Reid is returning, what would you do if you were Jillian? Does he deserve a second chance? Post a comment and share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

It would be the BOMB if he comes back and gets chosen!! He has been my favorite from get go...he is witty, charming, cute, successful...Good god woman its all there!! GO REID!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh geez, you might as well bring em' all back at this point. This guy needs to take a hike, he couldn't answer any of Jillian's questions and show his true feelings when he needed to. Now he wants to come back and make her life even harder? Give me/her a break already. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

I would take him back, he was the best.

houdini said...

of course he deserves a shot...Ed was able to come back and rumors have surfaced that he has a girlfriend back home...Reid seems to be the only sincere guy left...Michael Stagliano was genuine and I think Kiptyn is too although I do not see him with Jillian long Reid and Jillian have these deep attraction and love when they look at each other..GO REID!!

Anonymous said...

I would really like for it to be Jake. I guess I'm alone in feeling like this.

Best Wishes to Jillian & her guy whomever he may be even if it isn't Jake.

Anonymous said...

i feel the same way i loved Jake. Although i can see how he was a little on the fake side. I don't think she will choose Reid in the end. After all, she did send him home. Kiptyn seems like the obvious choice. However the feelings Jillian has expressed for Ed show he make walk away as the front runner. If it was anyone else that left for their job and tried to come back, Jillian would not have taken them back. She clearly has strong feelings for Ed and as much as i like Kiptyn and Reid i think Ed might walk away with Jillian.

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