Monday, August 17, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Chima Expelled, New HoH Jordan Nominates Natalie & Lydia

The "Big Brother" house is now a little quieter because late Friday night Chima Simone was expelled from the game. After numerous rule violations, including throwing her mic into the hot tub the producers had no choice but to kick her out of the house. Since one of Michele's nominees was gone, it was time for a new HoH! The competition was miniature golf and the houseguests could earn prizes too. Natalie got a phone call from home, Russell got a spa treatment, Jeff got a Hawaiian vacation, Kevin got $5,000, Lydia got the red unitard and Jordan got the best prize of all - HoH! Today was the nomination ceremony and unsurprisingly Jordan nominated Lydia and Natalie. The PoV and eviction will both be live on Thursday so anything can still happen!

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