Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lauren & Mel B Eliminated on "More to Love"

On yesterday's "More to Love" Luke Conley picked his "sexy 6" and sent home Lauren and Mel B. The episode began with the remaining eight women judging each other on whether they would be a good wife or a bad wife. Heather got the most good votes, while Mel B got the most bad votes. Both women were then awarded one on one dates with Luke. First up was Mel's date, where Luke took her to a Moroccan restaurant. Then it was time for Heather's date, where they went to a medieval castle. There, Luke asked her about children and Heather didn't really have any answers. Finally, it was time for the group date. Luke took six women to a spa and got some private time with Malissa A, Tali, Mandy and Anna. Later that night, at the elimination ceremony Luke said goodbye to Lauren and Mel B.

Now only six women remain. Who do you think Luke should pick? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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