Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jordan Lloyd Wins "Big Brother 11"

Earlier this evening Jordan Lloyd beat Natalie Martinez by a 5-2 vote and was crowned the winner of "Big Brother 11". The 2 hour finale began with the third and final part of the HoH competition. Kevin and Jordan faced off and had to guess how the jury members finished certain statements. After five questions it was a 3-3 tie and it all came down to the tiebreaker. Jordan aced the question and was declared the final HoH. With all the power in her hands Jordan decided to evict Kevin making him the sixth and final member of the jury. Next up the jury members questioned the final two before casting their vote for the winner. Julie then added America's vote which unsurprisingly was for Jordan. Jordan also received Jeff, Michele, Lydia and - shockingly - Jessie's votes while Natalie only got Russell and Kevin's votes. Julie also revealed that Jeff had won America's Favorite prize and won $25,000. With that, "Big Brother 11" came to a close but don't worry CBS will give us "Big Brother 12" next summer and will be here to cover it all!

Did Jordan deserve to win? Were you happy with this season as a whole? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Luke Chooses Tali and Dumps Malissa on the Season Finale of "More to Love"

"More to Love" just ended with Luke proposing to Tali and saying goodbye to Malissa. The 2 hour finale began with Luke introducing the final two women to his father, brother and grandma. Luke's dad was a little wary of Tali and was concerned about their different religious backgrounds. On the flip side he loved Malissa and called her the missing piece of their family. Later, Luke's mom surprised the women back at the house and seemed to like Tali over Malissa. Finally it was time for Luke's last dates with the two women during which he said 'I love you' to both of them. When the moment finally arrived Luke sadly said goodbye to Malissa who drove away in tears. He then confessed his love to Tali and proposed to her & she accepted.

Did Luke make the right choice? Do you think he and Tali will stay together? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

"Survivor 21: Nicaragua" Boot List and Final 3

Here's the confirmed "Survivor: Nicaragua" boot list, detailing who gets voted out every week all the way to the Final 3. The winner hasn't been leaked yet but it's widely assumed that Fabio wins because he played the best social game and goes on a string of immunity challenge wins late in the game. Here's the full list...

2oth Wendy
19th Shannon
18th Jimmy J
17th Jimmy T
16th Tyrone
15th Kelly B
14th Yve
13th Jill
12th Alina
11th Marty
10th Brenda
9th NaOnka (Quits)
8th Kelly Purple (Quits)
7th Benry
6th Jane
5th Dan
4th Holly
Final 3: Chase, Sash and Fabio

What do you think of the boot list? Do your favorites make it to the end? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Amazing Race 17" Boot List & Final 3 Leaked

Here's the confirmed "Amazing Race 17" boot list, based on team sightings on various legs of the race. The list went all the way to the Final 3, however the winning team was not revealed until the finale aired.

11th Ron & Tony
10th Andie & Jenna
9th Connor & Jonathan
8th Katie & Rachel
7th Michael & Kevin
6th Gary & Mallory
5th Chad & Stephanie
4th Nick & Vicki

The Top 3:
3rd Jill & Thomas
2nd Brook & Claire
1st Nat & Kat

What do you think of the list? Does your favorite team make it to the end? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Friday, September 11, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Jordan Wins Part 2 of the Final HoH Competition

Earlier this evening on "Big Brother 11"s live show Jordan beat Natalie in part two of the final three part HoH competition. The episode began with a recap of part one which was the logrolling endurance challenge. Kevin won that part advancing him straight to round three. After a chat with past houseguests Dick, Danielle, Janelle and Boogie it was time for round two. The challenge was to roll basketballs with houseguests names on them into holes that corresponded to when each person had HoH. Natalie messed up midway through and only got five out of the ten answers correct. On Jordan's try she got nine out of ten earning her a place with Kevin in the final round. Sunday's episode will be unseen footage meaning part three of the HoH, the last eviction of the season, jury questions and the revealing of the winner will all be done on Tuesday's 2 hour season finale!

Who do you hope wins - Jordan, Kevin or Natalie? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres Replacing Paula Abdul as "American Idol"s New Fourth Judge

FOX announced yesterday that comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres will join Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi as the new permanent fourth judge of "American Idol". She will replace Paula Abdul, who announced last month that she was quitting the show following a contract dispute. FOX’s Mike Darnell said in a press release that Ellen "is truly one of America’s funniest people and a fantastic performer who understands what it’s like to stand up in front of audiences and entertain them every day. We feel that her vast entertainment experience, combined with her quick wit and passion for music will add a fresh new energy to the show." Also in the press release Ellen said, "I’m thrilled to be the new judge on American Idol. I’ve watched since the beginning, and I’ve always been a huge fan. So getting this job is a dream come true." Ellen will join the show after the audition rounds, where various celebrities will fill the fourth seat.

What do you think of Ellen as the new "Idol" judge? Upgrade or downgrade from Paula? Leave a comment & share your thoughts

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mandy Eliminated from "More to Love"

On yesterday's penultimate "More to Love" Luke picked his final two women and said goodbye to Mandy. The episode began with the three remaining ladies meeting Luke in Hawaii. Malissa had the first date which consisted of swimming with dolphins followed by a romantic dinner. During dinner Luke expressed his fear that Malissa was on the show for the wrong reasons and just wanted to win. Malissa reiterated what she's always said, which is that Luke is already hers. The next day Luke took Tali snorkeling even though Tali was afraid of the ocean. Luke's last date was with Mandy and the two of them started their date by riding ATVs and ended it with dinner on a boat again. At the elimination ceremony Luke decided to send home Mandy who drove away in the limo in tears.

Next week is the 2 hour season finale! Who should Luke pick - Malissa or Tali? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Michele Evicted, Kevin Wins Part 1 of the Final HoH

Earlier this evening on "Big Brother"s live eviction episode Michele was voted out and became the fifth member of the jury. The show began with Kevin's win in the last PoV competition where he guaranteed himself a spot in the final three. He obviously decided to use the veto on himself forcing Jordan to be the replacement nominee. He then cast his vote to evict Michele. After her eviction the final three started part one of the final three part HoH. The houseguests had to hold on to their key while walking on a rolling log. After four hours of wind and rain Jordan fell followed ten minutes later by Natalie. Now that Kevin's won part one, Jordan and Natalie will face off in part two live on Thursday.

Monday, September 7, 2009

"Big Brother" Renewed for Twelfth Season

CBS has just announced that "Big Brother" will return for it's twelfth season next summer. This season the show has seen growth in the ratings and more buzz thanks to Chima's expulsion and Jeff winning the Coup d'Etat. "Big Brother 11"s live 2 hour finale will air Tuesday, September 15th!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall 2009 Reality TV Premieres

The fall TV season is almost here and that means many of your favorite reality shows are returning too. Here's your handy guide to this fall's reality TV premieres. Bookmark this list and check back often for up to date info!

September 9th "America's Next Top Model 13" Wednesdays 8pm The CW

September 9th "So You Think You Can Dance 6" Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8pm FOX

September 15th "The Biggest Loser 8" Tuesdays 8pm NBC

September 17th "Survivor 19: Samoa" Thursdays 8pm CBS

September 21st "Dancing with the Stars 9" Mondays 8pm & Tuesdays 9pm ABC

September 27th "The Amazing Race 15" Sundays 8pm CBS

October 4th "The Next Iron Chef 2" Sundays 9pm Food Network

Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Kevin Wins PoV, Michele and Jordan are up for Eviction

Earlier today the "Big Brother" houseguests competed in the last PoV competition of the season and Kevin won it, placing him in the final three with Natalie. On Thursday night the final four competed in a luxury challenge and won a three minute shopping spree. Yesterday Natalie was given a Pandora's Box option where she could get a visit with her boyfriend in exchange for not playing in the PoV. She took the deal and when she saw her boyfriend, he proposed to her. She also chose to have extra time with him but in the process gave the other houseguests annoyances in the form of costumed people following them around. Later that evening Natalie nominated Michele and Kevin for eviction but that was all for show because the only thing that mattered was PoV. When the feeds came back earlier this afternoon Kevin had won PoV which forces Natalie to nominate Jordan. Now Kevin has all the power, as he will decide who goes home on Tuesday - Michele or Jordan. Most likely he will evict Michele but we won't know for sure until Tuesday's live eviction!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Jeff Evicted, Natalie Crowned New HoH

"Big Brother" just ended and fan favorite Jeff was voted out and became the fourth member of the jury. The vote was a tie with Michele voting out Jordan and Natalie voting out Jeff. HoH Kevin broke the tie and sent Jeff home. After his eviction the houseguests competed in the Fact/Fiction HoH competition. Jordan and Michele got off to an early lead, but Natalie tied it up on the last question. It came down to a tiebreaker and as luck would have it, Natalie won and became the new HoH. Whoever Natalie nominates doesn't really matter, because the Veto holder has all the power. The winner of PoV will decide who goes home on Tuesday's special live eviction. Also there will be another Pandora's Box which could shake up the game. As developments happen in the house, you'll find all the info right here!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Survivor 19: Samoa" Cast Revealed

The twenty new castaways of "Survivor 19: Samoa" have been revealed by CBS. The group range in age from 22-62 and nine of the twenty are from the Los Angeles area. This season's twist is that the two tribes must each choose a leader before even speaking to each other. "From the start of the game, Survivor embraces this Samoan culture by incorporating an ancient tradition of electing an individual leader of the village" says host Jeff Probst. "Without speaking, both tribes must immediately choose one member of their group to become their sole decision maker, their chief. How important will the role of tribal chief be in determining the fate of each tribe?" For pictures and bios of all twenty contestants, toggle down or click here!

Here's a preview of the new cast...

And here's Jeff Probst's take on the cast...

"Survivor 19: Samoa" Cast Pics and Bios

Here's a quick peek at all twenty castaways that will be competing for the million dollars on "Survivor 19: Samoa". For even more detailed bios check out the official CBS site here!

Marisa Calihan 26 Student Cincinnati, Ohio

Ben Browning 28 Mixologist Los Angeles, California

Yasmin Giles 33 Hairstylist Los Angeles, California

Dave Ball 38 Fitness Instructor Los Angeles, California

Ashley Trainer 22 Spa Sales Maple Grove, Minnesota

Erik Cardona 28 Bartender Ontario, California

Betsy Bolan 48 Police Officer Campton, New Hampshire

Brett Clouser 23 T-Shirt Designer Los Angeles, California

John Fincher 25 Rocket Scientist Los Angeles, California

Elizabeth Kim 33 Attorney New York, NY

Jaison Robinson 28 Law Student Chicago, Illinois

Kelly Sharbaugh 25 Hairstylist Los Angeles, California

Russell Swan 42 Attorney Glenside, Pennsylvania

Shannon Waters 45 Sales Renton, Washington

Mike Borassi 62 Personal Chef Marina del Ray, California

Laura Morett 39 Office Manager Salem, Oregon

Russell Hantz 36 Oil Company Owner Dayton, Texas

Monica Padilla 25 Law Student San Diego, California

Mick Trimming 33 Doctor Los Angeles, California

Natalie White 26 Pharmaceutical Sales Van Buren, Arkansas

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Anna Eliminated from "More to Love"

On tonight's "More to Love" Luke picked his final three and said goodbye to Anna. The episode began with Tali's first one-on-one date with Luke. He took her go cart racing and surprised her with a visit from her aunt. Next it was time for Mandy's first one-on-one where Luke surprised her with her parents. Anna was next and Luke took her bowling and they visited with her parents. Last but certainly not least was Malissa. Her and Luke went wine tasting and met with her sisters. Later, at the elimination ceremony Luke decided to send home Anna because he didn't see how their life together would work.

Now only three women remain. Who should Luke choose? Tali, Malissa or Mandy? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!