Monday, September 14, 2009

"Amazing Race 17" Boot List & Final 3 Leaked

Here's the confirmed "Amazing Race 17" boot list, based on team sightings on various legs of the race. The list went all the way to the Final 3, however the winning team was not revealed until the finale aired.

11th Ron & Tony
10th Andie & Jenna
9th Connor & Jonathan
8th Katie & Rachel
7th Michael & Kevin
6th Gary & Mallory
5th Chad & Stephanie
4th Nick & Vicki

The Top 3:
3rd Jill & Thomas
2nd Brook & Claire
1st Nat & Kat

What do you think of the list? Does your favorite team make it to the end? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

well, at least kevjumba wasn't one of the first 4 gone...

Anonymous said...

i think kevjumba will be the next to go. it's not nick& vicki. i think they will hold on until final four, and chad & stephanie on final five.

Anonymous said...

i agree, i think kevjumba will go next too

mukhrizyahya said...

whos kevjumba?please answer me...i like jill and thomas to win this games..........................

Anonymous said...

kevjumba is Kevin-(Michael and Kevin, father and son)
kevjumba is his username on youtube
he has a lot of hilarious vids-u should watch them

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