Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Kevin Wins PoV, Michele and Jordan are up for Eviction

Earlier today the "Big Brother" houseguests competed in the last PoV competition of the season and Kevin won it, placing him in the final three with Natalie. On Thursday night the final four competed in a luxury challenge and won a three minute shopping spree. Yesterday Natalie was given a Pandora's Box option where she could get a visit with her boyfriend in exchange for not playing in the PoV. She took the deal and when she saw her boyfriend, he proposed to her. She also chose to have extra time with him but in the process gave the other houseguests annoyances in the form of costumed people following them around. Later that evening Natalie nominated Michele and Kevin for eviction but that was all for show because the only thing that mattered was PoV. When the feeds came back earlier this afternoon Kevin had won PoV which forces Natalie to nominate Jordan. Now Kevin has all the power, as he will decide who goes home on Tuesday - Michele or Jordan. Most likely he will evict Michele but we won't know for sure until Tuesday's live eviction!

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