Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Michele Evicted, Kevin Wins Part 1 of the Final HoH

Earlier this evening on "Big Brother"s live eviction episode Michele was voted out and became the fifth member of the jury. The show began with Kevin's win in the last PoV competition where he guaranteed himself a spot in the final three. He obviously decided to use the veto on himself forcing Jordan to be the replacement nominee. He then cast his vote to evict Michele. After her eviction the final three started part one of the final three part HoH. The houseguests had to hold on to their key while walking on a rolling log. After four hours of wind and rain Jordan fell followed ten minutes later by Natalie. Now that Kevin's won part one, Jordan and Natalie will face off in part two live on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Kevin won illegally. The rules given to the Houseguests said that one hand had to remain on their key at all times. First, Natalie attempted to secure herself to the key using a plastic bracelet/scrunchy of some kind (see CBS footage.) Natalie also removed her hand and held on to the rope above the key at on point. (There are photos all over the net of this.) The log begins to rotate backwards and Jordan thinks to turn around but Production tells the HGs to face forward at all times. After this,both Kevin and Natalie face sideways for long periods without any penalty. If there is going to be rules, then there should be penalties for breaking these rules. Natalie should have been disqualified immediately as soon as she attempted to secure herself to the key.

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