Monday, September 7, 2009

"Big Brother" Renewed for Twelfth Season

CBS has just announced that "Big Brother" will return for it's twelfth season next summer. This season the show has seen growth in the ratings and more buzz thanks to Chima's expulsion and Jeff winning the Coup d'Etat. "Big Brother 11"s live 2 hour finale will air Tuesday, September 15th!


Anonymous said...

Big Brother should only be renewed if its production team is led by someone other than Allison Groder. She allowed more cheating this year than any past season which was disheartening to fans. We don't mind if an "evil" contestant wins if they play a good game but we certainly mind if they win by cheating and no one from Production makes them follow the rules of the game. This year Natalie has cheated and cheated and cheated and Production never stepped in. If she wins I won't watch BB12 and I wonder how many other viewers will feel the same. The problem is the cast of BB12 will be blamed for the demise of Big Brother when the real cause of the lack of ratings will be Natalie.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have put it better myself. It is time to hang up your Big Brother hat Alison Grodner. There are other things out there for you to do. Other people to dissapoint. I think you are burn't out. Take your casting director with you!!!

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