Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Luke Chooses Tali and Dumps Malissa on the Season Finale of "More to Love"

"More to Love" just ended with Luke proposing to Tali and saying goodbye to Malissa. The 2 hour finale began with Luke introducing the final two women to his father, brother and grandma. Luke's dad was a little wary of Tali and was concerned about their different religious backgrounds. On the flip side he loved Malissa and called her the missing piece of their family. Later, Luke's mom surprised the women back at the house and seemed to like Tali over Malissa. Finally it was time for Luke's last dates with the two women during which he said 'I love you' to both of them. When the moment finally arrived Luke sadly said goodbye to Malissa who drove away in tears. He then confessed his love to Tali and proposed to her & she accepted.

Did Luke make the right choice? Do you think he and Tali will stay together? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!