Monday, November 2, 2009

"Pro Poker Players" Maria and Tiffany Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 15"

On yesterday's "Amazing Race 15" professional poker players Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle were eliminated from the race. The teams finally left Dubai and flew to The Netherlands where Brian and Ericka quickly fell behind. The gap widened even more when Ericka had trouble counting bells in the Roadblock. However, Maria and Tiffany also encountered problems when they couldn't complete either of the two Detour tasks. They kept switching back and forth allowing Brian and Ericka to catch up. Even though Brian and Ericka were given a 30 minute penalty for breaking a rule they still were able to check in at the Pit Stop, something the poker players couldn't do. Thus, Phil informed them that they were eliminated. Next week the remaining five teams travel to Stockholm, Sweden and are faced with one of the toughest tasks in "Amazing Race" history: the needle in the haystack. Tune in next Sunday for all the action.