Friday, December 4, 2009

John Fincher Voted Off "Survivor: Samoa"

On yesterday's "Survivor: Samoa" 25 year old rocket scientist (really!) John Fincher was voted off and became the fourth member of the jury. The episode began with the Survivor auction where the castaways bid money on various food items. Jaison spent his entire $500 on an advantage at the next immunity challenge. It was money well spent because at the challenge, which was endurance, Jaison won his first individual immunity. Back at camp Shambo wanted to get rid of Dave, but the former Galu members wanted to use the opportunity to boot John. In the end, everyone blindsided John which left Shambo shocked. Next week there are two tribal councils and two more castaways going home. Who will leave and who will make it to the final six? Tune in Thursday at 8 to find out!