Sunday, December 20, 2009

Natalie White Wins "Survivor 19: Samoa"

On tonight's season finale of "Survivor Samoa" Natalie White was crowned the winner and took home the $1 million prize. The finale began with Brett winning his third consecutive immunity challenge, which forced Foa Foa to turn on each other. At tribal council everyone voted out Jaison making him the eighth jury member. The next day the castaways took part in the last immunity challenge, a balance and coordination game. At long last Brett lost the challenge when Russell beat him in a nail biting face-off. Unsurprisingly, the Foa Foa members took this final opportunity to get rid of Brett and made him the last jury member. That left Russell, Natalie & Mick to make their final pleas to the jury of nine. Once everyone said their peace the jury cast their votes for the winner. Back in L.A. Jeff revealed that by a vote of 7 to 2 Natalie beat Russell making her the sole Survivor.

At the end of the reunion Jeff announced what we already suspected. That Survivor 20 would be "Heroes Vs. Villains" where twenty all stars would return to compete once again. The new season premieres February 11th and when the identities of the castaways are revealed I'll post them right here!