Friday, July 31, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: HoH Russell Nominated Ronnie and Lydia

The nomination ceremony just occurred and HoH Russell nominated Ronnie and Lydia for eviction. Last night Russell made a deal with Jeff when they were the final two in the Endurance HoH competition. If Jeff dropped Russell would not nominate him or Jordan and he would put up Ronnie. Jeff agreed and Russell honored their deal. Also last night Kevin won $5,000, Lydia won a plasma TV and Jordan earned the right to pick the Have-Nots for the week. She drew names from a hat and Jessie, Natalie and Kevin were chosen. Russell wants Ronnie gone, but there's always the PoV to stir things up.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Casey Evicted, Russell Wins the Endurance HoH

During the just ended "Big Brother" live show, Casey became the third person evicted from the house. The vote was 7-1 with Casey receiving one lone vote from Russell. After his eviction Julie Chen called the remaining houseguests into the living room for two important announcements. First, that the cliques were now dissolved and it was strictly an individual game. Also, one houseguest chosen by America would be receiving a special power that could be used once in the next two weeks. The houseguests don't know it yet, but the power is the Coup d'Etat which will allow one person to overrule the HoH's nominees and pick two new ones. Finally, at the end of the show the houseguests started an Endurance HoH comp. When the feeds clicked in at 9:30 Kevin, Lydia and Ronnie had fallen. Hallelujah! Ten minutes later Natalie was eliminated! At 10:30 Jordan fell. Then, at 11:10 Chima dropped. Twenty minutes later Michele fell. Finally at 12:25 Jeff gave up after Russell swore on his dad's life that him and Jordan were safe. Now that Russell is HoH, who will he nominate? We'll find out during tomorrow's nomination ceremony!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jillian Chooses Ed, Dumps Kiptyn and Reid on the Season Finale of "The Bachelorette"

Minutes ago, the season finale of "The Bachelorette" ended and Jillian accepted Ed's proposal. The finale began with Jillian introducing Ed and Kiptyn to her parents. Jillian's mom grilled both guys and they both seemed to fit in well with her family. After the men left, Jillian talked to her parents and cousin about what decision she should make. The next day, Jillian had her last date with Ed followed the day after by her last date with Kiptyn. Finally, the two guys picked rings in preparation for the big moment. Once that moment came, Jillian tearfully let Kiptyn go. But before Ed came out, Jillian was surprised by the return of Reid, who came back to profess his love for her. However, after a chat with Chris Harrison Jillian realized she wanted to marry Ed, so she said goodbye to Reid. Then, at long last Jillian chose Ed who got down on one knee and proposed.

Do you think Jillian chose the right man? Should Reid be the next "Bachelor"? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Michele Wins Veto, Casey is the Replacement Nominee

On Saturday the "Big Brother" houseguests competed in the PoV competition and Michele emerged victorious. In the contestant selection Jessie pulled Jeff's name, Michele pulled Casey and Jordan pulled Chima. During the competition Jessie won $2,500 and Michele won a trip along with the PoV. Casey won a margarita party for everyone except the Have-Nots, but he also has to wear a banana suit for a whole week. However, he probably won't be in the house past Thursday because Jessie put him on the block when Michele took herself off. Most likely the entire house will vote him out on Thursday, banana suit and all. Whatever happens, I'll post it right after the live show!

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Jessie Nominated Michele and Jordan for Eviction

The "Big Brother" live feeds just returned after the nomination ceremony and HoH Jessie nominated Michele and Jordan for eviction. Jeff, Jordan, Casey and Michele still think the ultimate plan is to backdoor Ronnie, but little do they know the real plan is to backdoor Casey. If that doesn't work, then it will probably be Michele going home. Also today the houseguests competed in the Have & Have-Not challenge which the Brains - Ronnie, Chima and Michele - lost meaning they will be in the steel room, eating slop and getting the treat we voted for - cabbage and cocktail weenies. Who will win the PoV? We'll find out tomorrow!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Laura Evicted, Jessie Wins His Second HoH

Minutes ago Laura Crosby became the second person evicted from the "Big Brother" house. The votes were 8-1 and Laura only received one lone vote from Natalie. After her eviction the houseguests competed for HoH. They had to sling balls into numbered baskets using a seesaw-like device. Jessie and Jeff tied, each getting 6's. In the tiebreaker Jessie won protecting Jeff, Russell & Natalie and earning HoH for a second time. Who will Jessie nominate? Will he still protect Ronnie after the big blowup? We'll find out during tomorrow's nomination ceremony!

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Bachelorette" Shocker: Reid Will be Coming Back for Jillian on the Season Finale!

Many "Bachelorette" fan's dreams will be coming true. On the "Men Tell All" special that just aired it was revealed that Reid will indeed be coming back to woo Jillian on next week's season finale. Unsurprisingly, Wes was absent from the reunion but so too was Reid sparking rumors that he would be returning on the final episode. Those rumors were confirmed tonight during the preview for next week's show. It was revealed that right before Jillian was to choose between Ed and Kiptyn, Reid will show up with ring in hand. How will this affect Jillian's decision now that she will have three men to choose from? We'll find out one week from now during the big season finale!

Now that Reid is returning, what would you do if you were Jillian? Does he deserve a second chance? Post a comment and share your thoughts!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Jeff Wins PoV, Jordan is the Replacement Nominee

On Saturday the "Big Brother 11" houseguests competed for the Power of Veto. In the contestant selection Natalie, Russell and Casey were chosen to play with Ronnie, Jeff and Laura. The competition had something to do with counting quarters and Jeff won it, removing him from the block. Earlier today, HoH Ronnie decided to replace him with Jordan who now joins Laura as a nominee. Originally, there were thoughts of putting Russell up, but Ronnie and his alliance decided Jordan was the safer bet. Most likely Laura will now be going home on Thursday, turning the Dumb 5 into the Dumb 4. Hopefully one of those four will win HoH so that the house will get shaken up!

Friday, July 17, 2009

"Big Brother 11": Jeff and Laura Nominated

Earlier today new HoH Ronnie nominated Jeff and Laura for eviction. Also today the houseguests competed in the "Have & Have-Not" competition which the Populars - Laura & Jordan - lost putting them on slop and in the steel room. As it stands now, Ronnie and his alliance want Laura gone but the PoV could change everything. When the Veto comp is over check back here for all the new developments.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Braden Evicted, Ronnie Crowned New HoH

In the tightest week one vote in "Big Brother" history, Braden was evicted when Jessie broke the 5-5 tie. Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Casey and Michelle voted to evict Chima while Russell, Natalie, Lydia, Kevin and Ronnie voted to evict Braden. HoH Jessie broke the tie sending Braden home. Next the houseguests competed for HoH by guessing how America answered a series of questions. One by one the houseguests eliminated each other until only Ronnie and Michelle remained. In the end, Ronnie (this week's swing vote) won the challenge ensuring Michelle and Chima's safety. Who will Ronnie nominate? Will he protect the Athlete alliance? We'll find out after tomorrow's nomination ceremony!

Monday, July 13, 2009

"Bachelorette" Jillian Eliminates Reid

On tonight's "Bachelorette" Jillian Harris narrowed it down to her final two and said goodbye to Reid. The episode began with Jillian traveling to Maui for her fantasy dates. First up she met Kiptyn and they started their date by traversing a ropes course. Later she offered him the fantasy suite and he accepted. The next day she met Reid for a helicopter ride and he too accepted the fantasy suite. Lastly, she took Ed on a boat ride where he surprised her by telling her he flew his parents to Hawaii to meet her. After a visit with his family she offered him the fantasy suite and while he did accept they didn't have much physical chemistry. However, at the rose ceremony she decided to keep him & Kiptyn and got rid of Reid. Next week is the "Men Tell All" special followed the week after by the big finale.

Do you think Jillian should have dumped Reid? Are Ed and Kiptyn right for her? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Russell Wins PoV, HoH Jessie Replaces Lydia with Braden

On Friday the "Big Brother 11" houseguests competed in the first Power of Veto competition of the season. Jessie chose Russell to play, Lydia chose Jeff and Chima chose Natalie. The comp consisted of forming and correctly spelling long words. Russell won the challenge and was awarded PoV. Earlier today he decided to use the veto on Lydia so that HoH Jessie could put up Braden. Chima now looks like she will be staying as the alliance of Russell, Natalie, Laura and probably Michelle & Ronnie will vote out Braden. However, a lot can happen in the next four days but one thing's for sure, either Chima or Braden will be the first houseguest evicted from "Big Brother 11"!

Friday, July 10, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Jessie Nominated Lydia and Chima

The "Big Brother 11" live feeds clicked in about a half hour ago and we, the viewers, fast forwarded four days. Early indications are that Lydia and Chima are on the block. The nomination ceremony took place earlier today. The PoV competition has not yet taken place. It also looks like the Brainiacs lost the "Have and Have-Not" competition and are sleeping in the bad room & eating slop. Lydia seems to have a lot of friends so if the nominations stand Chima will be the first to go. But a lot can happen in the next week so keep it tuned to Reality TV!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Spoilers: Jessie is 13th Houseguest and is Crowned First HoH

Minutes ago the season premiere of "Big Brother 11" ended and we learned who the mystery 13th Houseguest was.... Jessie from "Big Brother 10"! The show started with the 12 new houseguests entering the house for the first time. After introducing themselves to each other Julie Chen came on to tell them this season's twist - that they would be divided into four High School cliques. The four groups then competed against each other in the first HoH competition of the season. However, none of the winning teammates would get to be HoH. Instead, a former houseguest representing that clique would enter the house and become the 13th contestant. Brian ("BB10") was chosen as the Brains, Jessica ("BB8") was the Popular, Cowboy ("BB5") was the Off-Beat and Jessie ("BB10") was the Athlete. The 12 new contestants were then hung wedgie-style and had to hold on to a toilet seat for as long as they could. One by one the houseguests fell until only the Populars and Athletes remained. In the end, the Athletes pulled out a victory ensuring their safety and winning Jessie HoH in the process.

Who will Jessie nominate and who will win the PoV? We'll probably find out when the feeds click in tonight at midnight. If you don't have the live feeds, don't worry! Reality TV has you covered! Check back soon for up-to-date spoilers!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Bachelorette" Jillian Finally Dumps Wes

On tonight's "Bachelorette" Jillian finally wised up and dumped Wes. The episode began with Jillian meeting Kiptyn in Madrid, Spain. During the date Kiptyn confessed that he wasn't ready for a proposal any time soon however they seemed to connect and have a good time. Next up Jillian met Matthew Perry...I mean Reid in Seville for their date. Also in Seville Jillian finally got to spend some quality time with Ed. At the end of the date Jillian invited Ed to the fantasy suite so they could spend more time together. Lastly, Jillian met Wes in Barcelona for a really awkward and uncomfortable date. In the end it finally dawned on Jillian that Wes may not be the right guy. When he was sent home Wes finally admitted to having a girlfriend and that he was "acting" the entire time. Don't let the limo door hit you on the way out!

With only three guys left, what do you think Jillian should do? Leave a comment and share your opinions!

Friday, July 3, 2009

More "Big Brother 11" Videos

Here's some more pre-season "Big Brother 11" videos to gear you up for the premiere on Thursday July 9th. For round the clock coverage of "BB11" stick with Reality TV!

Ross Mathews Interviews the Women of "Big Brother 11"

Ross Mathews Interviews the Men of "Big Brother 11"

"Big Brother" Official CBS Promo

Cast Announcement on "The Early Show"

Toggle down for more!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Big Brother 11" Cast Revealed

Today, CBS officially announced 12 houseguests who will be competing on "Big Brother 11". As expected, the contestants fall into one of four high school cliques: jocks, populars, brainiacs and off beats. Eight of the twelve are in their 20s, three are in their 30s and one is 41. The groups will compete in challenges together and the winning HoH will not be allowed to nominate someone in his clique. However, all voting and evictions are done individually. Also, instead of food challenges there will be "Have and Have-Not" challenges where the losing group will sleep in an uncomfortable room and have slop & a food restriction we the viewers vote for. What do you think of the new cast?

Here's a video of the new houseguests:

And here's a tour of the new house:

Meet the "Big Brother 11" Houseguests

Here are 12 of the 13 Houseguests who will be competing on this summer's "Big Brother 11". There is one mystery houseguest who won't be revealed until premiere night, Thursday July 9th. Until then, take a look at the other 12 contestants we'll be watching all summer long...

Jordan Lloyd 22 Waitress Matthews, NC

Russell Kairouz 24 Mixed Martial Artist/Broker Walnut Creek, CA

Laura Crosby 21 Bikini Model Atlanta, GA

Kevin Campbell 29 Graphic Designer Chula Vista, CA

Braden Bacha 28 Surfer/Model Santa Monica, CA

Natalie Martinez 24 Tae Kwon Do Champion Gilbert, AZ

Michele Noonan 27 Neuroscientist Pasadena, CA

Jeff Schroeder 30 Advertising Salesman Norridge, IL

Chima Simone 32 Freelance Journalist West Hollywood, CA

Ronnie Talbott 30 Gamer Belpre, OH

Lydia Tavera 24 Special Effects Make-Up Artist Torrance, CA

Casey Turner 41 Fifth Grade Teacher/DJ St.Petersburg, FL