Monday, January 18, 2010

"The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" Episode Three Recap: Three Girls Eliminated

On tonight's third episode of "The Bachelor" Jake eliminated three more women. The episode began with Vienna receiving the first one-on-one date, where Jake surprised her with a helicopter ride followed by bungee jumping. It turned out that Jake was much more scared to jump than Vienna. After they conquered their fears together they had dinner, where Jake gave Vienna the rose. The next day eight of the women went to Jon Lovitz's Comedy Club for a group date. They had to prepare stand up routines to perform in front of Jake and a full audience. After the performance Michelle approached Jake to express her concerns. She felt that maybe she should leave and Jake agreed. He eliminated her right then and there, which oddly seemed to make Michelle sad. He then ended the group date without giving the rose away. The next day Jake picked up Ella for their one-on-one date. He took her to Sea World where he surprised her with a visit from her son. At the end of the day Jake gave Ella a rose, securing her safety at the rose ceremony. At the cocktail party Jake approached Elizabeth because he thought she was sending mixed messages. Elizabeth didn't take it well, insisting he was upset because he couldn't kiss her. Finally, at the rose ceremony Jake sent home Elizabeth and Valisha.

Here's this week's "Diaries of the Departed"...

Last week a spoiler revealed who Jake ends up choosing. If you want to know who the lucky lady is read my secret post here!

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