Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" Episode One Recap: Ten Women Eliminated

Last night ABC debuted the new season of "The Bachelor" starring airline pilot Jake Pavelka. The season started out as it always does, with long lingering shots of a shirtless "Bachelor". Once that was over with (or when it disappointingly ended, depending on your viewpoint) we were introduced to the 25 women competing for Jake's heart. At least I think they were all women, a few may have been trannys. The bachelorettes pulled out all the stops to make a good first impression on Jake. From speaking Cambodian to giving him a peacock feather to booping Jake's nose, the women were all on their game. That is everyone except for the woman who tripped and fell when she exited the limo. At the cocktail party some women seemed semi-normal (Ali, Ella, Tenley) while others...not so much (Ashley and her flight attendant costume). Later, Jillian and Ed stopped by to give the girls a grilling. Jake ended up giving the first impression rose to Tenley, the woman with the squeaky voice. At the rose ceremony Jake said goodbye to ten women, including Elizabeth the Air National Guard captain and Shelia the commercial pilot. One woman he did keep though, was Michelle the woman who broke down in tears and wasn't well received by Jillian and Ed. Fifteen women remain and move on to get to know Jake better!

Here's this week's "Diaries of the Departed"...

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