Monday, January 11, 2010

Rozlyn Papa Will Be Kicked Off Tonight's "Bachelor: On the Wings of Love"

On tonight's "Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" Rozlyn Papa will be outed as the woman who had the inappropriate relationship with one of the "Bachelor" producers. Thus, she will be booted from the show. Just what kind of "inappropriate" behavior happened between Rozlyn and the producer is up for debate. One theory going around is that producers told Rozlyn not to tell Jake yet that she has a 7 year old son. This upsets her, as does the fact that she was promised she would get to visit her son and ABC reneged. Sensing that Rozlyn was unhappy and may make trouble ABC decided to get rid of her by concocting the "romance with the producer" story. Or it's possible that Rozlyn really did get too close with the producer. We probably will never know what really happened. Anyway, one thing's for sure: Rozlyn's a goner at the end of tonight's episode.

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