Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains" Cast Revealed

Earlier today CBS officially revealed the identities of the twenty all-stars competing on "Survivor 20: Heroes Vs. Villains". The announcement confirms my previous post two weeks ago which contained a leaked list of all the returning castaways. The twenty contestants will be split into two tribes - the Heroes and the Villains. Four castaways were previous winners, while eight others made it to the final. Four contestants were also on the first "All Stars" and four others were on "Fans Vs. Favorites". Here's the twenty contestants competing for the $1 million...

Amanda Kimmel 24 Kalispell, MO China

Candice Woodcock 27 Fayetteville, NC Cook Islands

Cirie Fields 39 Jersey City, NJ Panama

Benjamin "Coach" Wade 38 Susanville, CA Tocantins

Colby Donaldson 35 Christoval, TX Australia

Courtney Yates 28 Boston, MA China

Danielle DiLorenzo 26 Boston, MA Panama

James Clement 32 Lafayette, LA China

Jerri Manthey 38 Los Angeles, CA Australia

James "JT" Thomas Jr. 25 Samson, AL Tocantins

Parvati Shallow 27 Atlanta, GA Cook Islands

Randy Bailey 50 Austin, TX Gabon

"Boston" Rob Mariano 33 Boston, MA Marquesas

Rupert Boneham 45 Indianapolis, IN Pearl Islands

Russell Hantz 37 Dayton, TX Samoa

Sandra Diaz-Twine 34 Stamford, CT Pearl Islands

Stephenie LaGrossa 29 Philadelphia, PA Palau

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper 29 Baton Rouge, LA Gabon

Tom Westman 45 New York, NY Palau

Tyson Apostol 30 Lindon, UT Tocantins