Monday, February 1, 2010

"The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" Episode Five Recap: Corrie Eliminated

On tonight's "Bachelor" Jake picked his final four by sending home Corrie. The episode began with the remaining five women arriving in San Francisco. Jake gave the first one-on-one date to Tenley and they spent the day in Chinatown. At dinner they continued to open up to each other and deepen their relationship. The next day Jake took Gia and Vienna on a two-on-one date to a castle at a winery. Gia closed off a little when Vienna hogged some of the time with Jake. Later Vienna crept into Jake's room for some alone time, but Jake thought she should leave as it was unfair to Gia. The next day Jake took Corrie to a park for her one-on-one date. There wasn't much chemistry between them but they did have their first kiss at the end of the date. Lastly, Ali got to show Jake her city on their one-on-one. During the date Ali expressed her feelings about Vienna. Her words didn't change Jake's mind because at the rose ceremony he eliminated Corrie.

Check out Corrie's final words...

Jake has his final four but the woman he picks in the end has been leaked. Read my secret post here to find out who she is!