Monday, February 8, 2010

"The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" Episode Six Recap: Ali Voluntarily Leaves

On tonight's "Bachelor" Jake was forced to say goodbye to Ali when she left the show for work related reasons. The sixth episode began with Jake leaving San Francisco for his first hometown date. He met up with Gia in New York and they had dinner with her mom. The date went well and Gia's mom seemed to really like Jake. The next day Jake flew to Williamstown, Massachusetts to visit with Ali's family. First Ali took Jake to her late Grandma's house and then to dinner with Ali's mom and siblings, who also took a shining to Jake. The next day Jake traveled to Oregon for a visit with Tenley's family. After an awkward dance that Tenley did for Jake they went to Tenley's parents house for dinner. Later that evening Jake asked Tenley's dad if he could marry his daughter. Tenley's dad gave his blessing and got emotional when talking about how much he loved his daughter. Finally, Jake flew to Florida for his last hometown date with Vienna. Vienna's dad made sure Jake knew that Vienna should be treated like a princess and later interrupted the two mid-kiss. When Jake flew back to L.A. he was hit with another bombshell when Ali visited him in tears explaining that if she didn't leave the show now she would be fired from her job. A shocked Jake didn't know what to do and told Ali the decision was up to her. In the end Ali reluctantly chose to leave which left Jake with his final three.

Here's this weeks "Diaries of the Departed"...

If you haven't yet heard, Jake's ultimate pick has been spoiled. Read my secret post here! to find out who he chooses!

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