Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jeff Probst Will Host "Survivor" 21 and 22

Jeff Probst has announced that he has renewed his "Survivor" contract for two more seasons: 21 and 22. In the past he has signed on for four seasons at a time but his contract is only for two this year. "I'm not approaching this as my last year of Survivor" Jeff said. "I was just comfortable taking it one year at a time. It certainly made it easier for me to just commit to one year and then we can revisit it again next year if everybody wants to." He also said that he thinks the show could go on without him. "I have always said that my belief is that the star of Survivor is Survivor: It's the format. So yes, if there came a point where I decided I was leaving Survivor, I absolutely believe someone else could take over." As for the reason he keeps coming back Jeff said "What has kept me interested in Survivor for 20 seasons is the study of human nature. How we justify our ethics, and watching what happens to people when they are put in situations of extreme conflict. Sometimes it's hard to watch, and sometimes it's enjoyable to watch, but it is always interesting to watch."
Survivor 20: Heroes Vs. Villains debuts Thursday at 8pm on CBS!