Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Brothers/Cowboys" Jet and Cord McCoy Avoid Elimination on "The Amazing Race 16"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 16" brothers Jet and Cord McCoy avoided elimination despite arriving last on this leg's Pit Stop. The episode began with the remaining six teams flying from France to Mahe in the Seychelles islands. When they arrived the teams raced for a marked kiosk where the first three teams received the earlier of two helicopter flights to a nearby island. When they landed the teams faced a Detour, which was a choice between luring a 500 pound giant tortoise across a path using a banana or loading a cart full of coconuts and then having an ox pull the cart to a fruit merchant. Steve and Allie chose a speedy tortoise, which rocketed them to the lead. Many other teams who chose the ox task forgot a few coconuts and had to backtrack to complete the task. After the Detour was a Roadblock where one team member had to dive into the ocean to retrieve a bottle. In the bottle was a map that teams had to put together for directions to the Pit Stop. Steve and Allie were the first to reach the Pit Stop and were awarded dinner on the beach and $7,000 each. Jet and Cord & Carol and Brandy were swapping last place during the Detour, but a mistake at the Roadblock by the cowboys let the lesbians get ahead. In the end the cowboys were spared elimination & got a Speed Bump task for next week.

Here's this week's Elimination Station...

An "Amazing Race 16" boot list has been leaked. To find out which three teams make it to the finals read my secret post here!

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