Monday, March 15, 2010

Carol Leifer Fired on "Celebrity Apprentice 3"

On the season premiere of "Celebrity Apprentice 3" comedian Carol Leifer became the first star fired by The Donald. The season started with the 14 celebs meeting Donald and being divided into men vs. women. The teams were then told that they would be choosing the project manager for the opposing team. The women, who named themselves Tenacity, picked Bret Michaels while the men, who named themselves Rock Solid, chose Cyndi Lauper. Donald then explained that the first task would be to run a diner. The team that earned the most money, through donations and tips, would be the winner. Bret automatically handed most of the decisions over to Curtis Stone, the celebrity chef. Curtis decided to charge a lot for the food hoping to attract big spenders. The women on the other hand set the price point low hoping to sell more volume. The celebrities also called on their contacts to help raise money for their teams. Last season's winner Joan Rivers also stopped by both diners to help determine a winner. She liked the women's team better, so they received an extra $10,000. In the end though the money didn't matter as the men still beat the women by almost $20,000. In the boardroom many of the women blamed Carol for the loss, so Trump respected their wishes and fired Carol.

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