Friday, March 5, 2010

Cirie Fields the Fourth Castaway Voted Off "Survivor 20: Heroes Vs Villains"

On the fourth episode of "Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains" Cirie Fields was voted out in the first blindside of the season. The episode began with Coach breaking down about Sandra's comment at tribal council. Tyson consoled him and gave him some advice on how to seem less egotistical. The next day at the Reward Challenge the Villains defeated the Heroes and were awarded tools for building their shelter. When they returned to camp both tribes discovered a clue revealing that there was a hidden immunity idol at each camp. The Villains decided not to go looking for it, but Russell did anyway. The Heroes on the other hand frantically started searching, culminating with Tom finding the idol under a tree. However, Amanda saw him so Tom had to admit he found it. At the Immunity challenge the Villains once again defeated the Heroes, sending them to tribal council for the third time. With Tom in possession of the idol, he and Colby needed one person to flip sides and vote out Cirie. That person ended up being JT, who surprised his alliance and kept Colby. Tom played his idol and Cirie was sent home.

Here's Cirie's Final Words...

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