Monday, March 29, 2010

Darryl Strawberry Fired on Celeb Apprentice

On the third episode of "Celebrity Apprentice 3" former baseball player Darryl Strawberry was fired by the Donald after he expressed his desire to leave. The show began with Donald telling the contestants that their new task was to create a four page advertorial promoting LifeLock and Norton's identity theft services. Michael Johnson was picked as project manager for the guys, while Summer Sanders was chosen by the women. Michael chose Curtis Stone as the face of their ad, while the women picked Sharon Osbourne as the star of theirs. On the men's team Bret Michaels voiced his displeasure with their long, wordy ad but no one listened to him. Over on the women's side Cyndi Lauper continued to aggravate her teammates with her constant long-winded stories. After the two teams gave their presentations, Trump called them into the boardroom to announce a winner. The execs thought the women's ad was much better, so Summer got $20,000 for her charity. While Trump seemed about ready to fire project manager Michael, Darryl piped up & said he should be fired. Trump, never the fan of quitters, granted his request and sent him packing.

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