Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Newly Dating Couple" Jeff and Jordan Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 16"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 16" newly dating couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd became the fifth team eliminated from the race. The episode began with the seven teams driving to Reims, France where they had to find a statue of Joan of Arc. By the statue was a musician who gave the teams a cork, which directed them to a winery in Epernay. There they found a Roadblock, which required one teammate to rappel down into the cellar and search for a marked bottle of wine. In the bottle was the name of their next destination: a chateau in Pierry. However, many teams including Dan and Jordan & Jet and Cord went to the wrong location causing them to fall behind. At the chateau teams faced a Detour, which was a choice between building a tower using 680 wine glasses or searching for marked grapes in a 250 acre vineyard. Louie and Michael were the first team to complete the task and reached the Pit Stop first for the third time in a row. Brent and Caite switched tasks twice, but were still able to beat last place team Jeff & Jordan who were eliminated from the race.

Here's this week's Elimination Station...

An "Amazing Race 16" boot list has been leaked. To find out which teams make it to the Final 3 read my secret post here!

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