Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NBC and Donald Trump Bringing Back Non-Celebrity Version of "The Apprentice"

NBC announced today that they are reviving the original, non-celebrity version of "The Apprentice". The bad economy and jobless Americans will be the focus of the show's reboot. "So many people have been asking us when are we bringing the original show back" Trump told Daily Variety. "I'm not sure I had that interest two and a half or three years ago. But the concept of what has happened with the economy has really stoked interest". The show will stick with the same format but will cast contestants affected by the recession including people who have been downsized, people in dead-end careers with no hope for advancement and recent college graduates with few job prospects. Also, each episode will end with Trump giving career coaching to exiting players. "NBC, Mark Burnett and I hope this economic downturn can begin a turnaround and we'll do our best with 'The Apprentice' to see that it starts happening" Trump said. Filming will take place this summer with a suspected fall premiere followed by another celebrity edition in early 2011.

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