Monday, March 22, 2010

Sinbad Fired on "Celebrity Apprentice 3"

On the second episode of "Celebrity Apprentice 3" comedian Sinbad became the first man fired by Donald Trump. The show began with the teams learning that their new task was to design a storefront experience promoting Kodak Moments. WWE Diva Maria Kanellis was picked as project manager for the women, while the men chose Sinbad. Right away Sinbad had trouble communicating his ideas to the rest of his team while Maria had to reign in Cyndi Lauper, who had trouble concentrating. On the men's team Bret Michaels clashed with Sinbad when he felt he wasn't given anything to do. On the second day of the task the teams set up their stores and had the public come in and take pictures. Trump also sent two secret agents to the stores to see how the celebs were doing. When all was said and done the Kodak execs liked both teams but felt the women did better in pitching the products. That meant the men were sent to the boardroom where project manager Sinbad picked Bret and Rod as the two weakest members. Donald, however placed the blame on the project manager and fired Sinbad.