Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tyson Apostol and James Clement Both Voted Off "Survivor 20: Heroes Vs Villains"

Tyson Apostol and James Clement were the victims of the dreaded double elimination on "Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains". The sixth episode began with Jeff announcing that both tribes would be going to tribal council and that teammates would be battling each other for individual immunity. Candice won for the Heroes tribe while Boston Rob was crowned the winner for the Villains. Those two then faced off to win a reward for their tribe, which Boston Rob ended up earning for the Villains. Back at camp the Villains devised a plan to flush out Russell's idol and get rid of Parvati. When Russell got wind of the plan he tricked Tyson into flipping his vote which shifted the power back to him and Parvati. At tribal council Russell's plan worked perfectly as he gave his idol to Parvati and got rid of Tyson. The Villains then got to sit in on the Heroes' tribal council where everyone unanimously voted to keep Colby and get rid of the injured James.

Here's James' Final Words...

A "Survivor 20" boot list has been leaked. To find out if your favorite makes it to the Final 3 read my secret post here!

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