Monday, April 26, 2010

Trump Rewards Contestants & Fires Nobody on Tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice 3"

After a record breaking amount of money was raised on tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice 3" Donald Trump rewarded the contestants by not firing anybody. The episode began with Trump mixing up the teams by having Curtis join Tenacity and sending Sharon and Maria to RockSolid. He then informed the group that their new task was to create a workout class for 24 Hour Fitness. Because this task involved fund-raising, Sharon stepped up as project manager for RockSolid and Holly was picked for Tenacity. Right away RockSolid agreed that their class would be rock and roll themed while Tenacity picked the tag-line Buns & Guns. Even though RockSolid's class was a bit risque, their creativity and originality was appreciated by the execs. That earned them an extra $24,000 for their team. However, Tenacity still brought in more money overall from their donors and they easily won the task. That meant all $347,000 was given to Holly's charity. In the boardroom Trump made a shocking move and fired nobody, since both teams did a really good job. Next week the celebs won't be as lucky as one (or possibly two) stars will go home.

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