Monday, May 17, 2010

Sandra Wins "Survivor 20: Heroes Vs. Villains"

On tonight's season finale of "Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains" Sandra Diaz-Twine made history by becoming the first two-time winner in "Survivor" history. The finale began with the final five competing in a balance Immunity Challenge that came down to Parvati and Colby. Parvati narrowly edged out Colby for the win, sealing his fate. Unsurprisingly, at tribal council the four Villains took the opportunity to get rid of the last remaining Hero and booted Colby. The next day the final four competed in their last Immunity Challenge, which consisted of blindly navigating around a big maze while collecting four necklaces throughout the course. Russell, Jerri and Parvati were all near the finish, but Russell grabbed the immunity idol first securing himself a spot in the Final 3. At tribal council Russell decided to stick with his original alliance partner Parvati and voted out Jerri, making her the ninth and final member of the jury. On Day 39 the final three made their way to the last tribal council, where the jury of nine grilled them before they made their decision. After the votes were cast, we joined Jeff live in New York for the final vote reading. By a vote of 6-3 Sandra beat Parvati to become the sole Survivor. Unsurprisingly, Russell didn't receive one vote. The results match perfectly with the boot list I posted 3 months ago.

What did you think of the finale? Did Sandra deserve to win or was Russell robbed? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Russell robbed himself. His ego gets in the way. Russell might be cunning but he lacks a good social game.

CAC said...

I hate knowing the order that people got kicked off. Not your fault...I actually read it somewhere else. I prefer the good old days when you could be completely surprised by the results. But I am too curious and I look it to stop is a bad character flaw.

I think Russell was robbed for his season for sure. This time it was a toss up between him and Parv for who deserved to win. I think people voted Sandra just because they did not like Russell and Parvati was too closely associated with him.
Would LOVE to see Russell on Amazing Race or Big Brother LOL

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