Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Sanders Fired on "Celeb Apprentice"

On tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice 3" Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders became the eighth star fired by the Donald. The episode began with Trump informing the seven remaining stars that their next task was to create three radio ads promoting Clockwork Home Services. Bret was picked as project manager for RockSolid, while Summer was chosen on Tenacity. During the meeting with the execs the teams were both told to steer clear of crass humor, especially if it poked fun at plumbers. Bret decided to risk it anyway and included a plumber's crack joke in one of the ads. Over on Tenacity, Summer decided to have Cyndi sing in one of the ads but almost changed her mind when Cyndi started to lose her voice. When the teams finished writing their jingles they performed all three live for the execs. In the boardroom Trump revealed that the winning team was RockSolid and that Bret won $40,000 for his charity. Over on Tenacity Trump felt that losing project manager Summer was to blame over Curtis and Cyndi and thus she was fired.


Anonymous said...

1/2 of the bitchy duo is finally gone!

she was stupid for bringing back cyndi and not holly. she would have at least had an ally against curtis.

Anonymous said...

Summer seemed to not have any ideas of her own. She did whatever Holly told her to do. I am not sad to see her go. I am loving seeing Bret Michaels. He makes me smile.
Glad to hear he is having a great recovery.

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