Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Big Brother 12" Spoilers: Andrew the Third Houseguest Evicted, Rachel Wins HoH Again

On tonight's live "Big Brother 12" eviction show Andrew became the third houseguest evicted from the game. He was unanimously booted after giving a rambling final speech where he outed Hayden and Kristen's relationship. After Andrew's eviction the houseguests competed in the HoH competition which was "Big Brother Knockout". A pair of houseguests squared off against each other in a series of questions. The winner stayed in the game and chose the next pair to face off. After several rounds it came down to Lane and Rachel with Rachel becoming the ultimate victor and earning her second HoH. Immediately following the comp Rachel and Kristen started fighting and Rachel pretty much admitted she was going to put her and Hayden on the block. Also at the end of the episode, Julie Chen announced that America would be voting for a new saboteur. The houseguest who receives the most votes will be offered the chance to become the saboteur for two weeks and earn $20,000. Who will America choose? We'll find out Thursday