Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Big Brother 12" Spoilers: Brendon Wins PoV, Annie Chosen as Replacement Nominee

Yesterday, the "Big Brother 12" houseguests competed in the first PoV competition of the season and dead man walking Brendon won, saving himself from eviction. The competition involved spelling the longest word possible and Brendon came up with pasteurize. Most of the houseguests had been so confident Brendon was going this week they started planning for next week and the week after. Now, HoH Hayden and his alliance of Matt, Enzo and Lane had to scramble to come up with a replacement to sit next to Rachel on the block. In the end, they decided on Annie. One of those two women will be the first houseguest evicted on Thursday. Also on Thursday a new HoH will be named and we'll learn the identity of the saboteur. Check back here right after the show for all the news!