Monday, August 23, 2010

"Big Brother 12" Spoilers: Brendon Wins PoV, Britney Picks Matt as Replacement Nominee

For the second time this season Brendon has saved himself when it counted the most. This week's PoV comp was the return of "Who Wants it the Most"! Brendon won after shaving his head, going on slop for three weeks, and chaining himself to Britney for 24 hours. This week's other nominee Enzo didn't nab the PoV but still has to dress as a penguin for the remainder of the week. Hayden received $5,000 and a trip but only told Lane and Enzo that he won those. After the PoV comp, Britney opened another Pandora's Box and got an hour chat with former houseguest Jessie. The rest of the house was awarded a Hawaiian luau. Later, at the veto ceremony Brendon took himself off the block and Britney replaced him with Matt. With no diamond veto to save himself this week it looks like Matt is finally going home. We'll find out for sure on Thursday's live show when not one but two houseguests will be leaving in a double eviction!

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