Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Big Brother 12" Spoilers: Kristen the Fourth Houseguest Evicted, Matt Wins His 2nd HoH

On last Thursday's "Big Brother 12" live eviction show Kristen became the fourth houseguest evicted from the game. Everyone except Kathy voted her out and because she was voted out fourth she will not be on the jury. After her eviction the houseguests competed in the HoH competition, which Matt won for the second time. Unsurprisingly he nominated Brendon and Rachel for eviction. He also opened Pandora's Box and was awarded the diamond veto, which he has two weeks to use. Today the houseguests competed in the PoV comp, which Britney won for the third time. Obviously Britney won't use the veto and either Brendon or Rachel will go home on Thursday!

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