Thursday, September 23, 2010

"American Idol" Makes Format Changes, Adds New Judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez

FOX has revealed significant format changes to it's long running singing competition "American Idol" as well as confirmed Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as new judges. The biggest change is that each contestant will choose one genre of music to perform throughout the competition. "We are no longer going to get the country singer to sing rock and the rock singer to sing folk" said producer Nigel Lythgoe. The show will also add producer Jimmy Iovine as an "in-house mentor" who will advise the contestants each week. Jimmy's addition means no more guest mentors or theme weeks. However, different producers such as Timbaland will be brought in each week to work with the contestants. Those contestants will also face new rules regarding how they perform their songs. "We've got a whole new set of rules that are going to come in, that we're not just going to copy the tracks that have been there before" Lythgoe said. "And they're no longer just going to be standing there... we will want them to move. Artists nowadays don't just stand on the spot. Nothing can be the same for ten years or it's doomed to failure. This is an evolution, and I think the producers and Fox have really put together an incredible team for that evolution."

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