Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Big Brother 12" Spoilers: Britney Evicted, Hayden Wins Part 1 of Final HoH Competition

On tonight's "Big Brother 12" eviction show Britney became the tenth houseguest voted out and the sixth member of the jury. Unsurprisingly Hayden chose not to use the veto, leaving the sole vote this week to Enzo. He stayed true to the Brigade and booted out Britney. The episode ended with the start of part one of the three part final HoH competition, which was endurance. The final three had to hang onto a rope while swinging back and forth and underneath a waterfall. The result wasn't shown on TV, but when the feeds finally returned it was revealed that Hayden had outlasted Lane and Enzo and won part one. Part two will take place in tomorrow's live show and is usually a game of skill. Lane and Enzo will battle it out to see who faces Hayden in part three. Check back tomorrow for the results of part two!

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