Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Big Brother 12" Spoilers: Lane Wins Part 2 of the Final HoH Comp, Faces Hayden in Part 3

On tonight's "Big Brother 12" live show Lane defeated Enzo in part two of the final three part HoH competition. The challenge was the infamous Morph comp, where two former houseguest's faces are morphed together into one picture. Both Lane and Enzo correctly identified all five combinations, however Lane completed the task faster and thus won the competition. He now faces Hayden in part three, which won't take place until finale night next Wednesday. The winner of that competition gets to choose who sits next to them in the final two. Then the jury will cast their votes and the winner will be revealed. Who do you think will win "Big Brother 12"? Who should win? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

lets go lane!!