Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hayden Wins "Big Brother 12", Lane Gets 2nd

On tonight's live "Big Brother 12" season finale Hayden beat Lane 4-3 and won the $500,000 prize. The episode began with Hayden and Lane facing off in part three of the final HoH competition. After six questions the game was tied and came down to a tiebreaker. Hayden answered the question closest to the correct number and was crowned the winner. He then chose Lane to join him in the Final 2, evicting Enzo from the game. With the final member of the jury in place the seven evicted houseguests questioned Hayden and Lane before casting their votes. In the end it was a close game with Rachel, Brendon and Britney voting for Lane and Kathy, Matt, Ragan and Enzo voting for Hayden. Four votes were enough to crown Hayden winner of "Big Brother 12". At the end of the episode it was also revealed that Britney was voted America's favorite player and was awarded $25,000.

Don't worry "Big Brother" fans, CBS officially renewed the show for a thirteenth season today. That means we'll have another fun-filled summer next year and you'll find all the spoilers here!