Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shannon Elkins Voted Off "Survivor: Nicaragua"

On tonight's "Survivor: Nicaragua" 30 year old pest control company owner Shannon Elkins became the second castaway voted off the show. The episode began with Holly getting riled up at her Espada tribe mates for no reason whatsoever. She even took Dan's shoes, filled them with sand and threw them in the ocean. Over on the La Flor tribe NaOnka also got upset when she thought someone had taken her socks. Later, the tribes met up for the combined Reward/Immunity challenge which consisted of crawling through mud, searching for balls in a haystack and tossing those balls into a barrel. The older tribe, Espada decided to use their Medallion of Power giving them a one ball advantage in the game. That was just what the tribe needed, as Espada narrowly beat out La Flor for the win. In addition to immunity the Espada tribe also won fishing gear. Back at camp when the gear arrived it also contained a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Jill and Marty worked together to find the idol and eventually did just that. Over on La Flor half the tribe wanted to get rid of Brenda, while the other half wanted to vote off Shannon. At tribal council Shannon immediately went on the defense causing the whole tribe to blow up. When all was said and done Shannon was voted out 7-3.

Major spoilers have been leaked about this season, including a possible Final 3. For all the info read my secret post here!

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