Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wendy Jo Voted Off "Survivor 21: Nicaragua"

On tonight's season premiere of "Survivor: Nicaragua" 48 year old goat rancher Wendy Jo DeSmidt became the first castaway voted off the show. The season began with the twenty contestants arriving in Nicaragua and immediately being told about a new twist in the game - the medallion of power. The castaways frantically started searching for it, with Brenda eventually finding it in a tree. Jeff then split the castaways into two tribes - La Flor (made up of people 30 and under) and Espada (made up of people 40 and over). The young tribe was then given the choice to use their medallion of power for flint and fishing supplies or save it for an advantage later in the game. They chose the flint and fishing supplies, meaning the medallion would be passed over to the other tribe. When the Espada tribe arrived at their camp Jane immediately started working on lighting a fire and less than thirty minutes later had done just that. Over on the La Flor tribe Kelly B. revealed to her tribe mates that she has a prosthetic leg. Her and Alina also found a clue to the hidden immunity idol and kept it for themselves. The next day the tribes met up for the Immunity Challenge, which was transporting water down a series of gutters to fill a barrel. When the barrel was filled puzzle pieces were released which the teams had to assemble. The Espada tribe chose not to use their medallion of power, which proved to be a big mistake as they ended up losing the challenge. At tribal council the castaways decided to vote out the weakest player and unanimously booted Wendy Jo.

Some major spoilers have already leaked about this season, including a possible Final 3. If you want to know before all your friends read my secret post here!