Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Beach Volleyball Players" Katie and Rachel Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 17"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 17" friends & beach volleyball players Katie Seamon and Rachel Johnston became the fourth team eliminated from the race. The episode began with the eight remaining teams driving from Kiruna, Sweden to Narvik, Norway where a Fast Forward awaited. Nat and Kat were the first team to make it to the clue and decided to attempt the Fast Forward, which consisted of eating an entire roasted sheep's head. Even though Kat is a vegetarian they were still able to complete the task and drove straight to the Pit Stop, where Phil awarded them a trip for two to Costa Rica. The other teams however faced a Roadblock, where one teammate had to rappel off a bridge, retrieve a clue from a waiting boat and then ascend back up. When that task was completed the teams were instructed to Harvika where a Detour awaited them. The choice of tasks was between riding a bike along a dangerous course and memorizing a code to unlock a lock or navigating a boat to a specific location and delivering two fish and a chainsaw to a lodge. Katie and Rachel couldn't overtake any other teams and arrived at the Pit Stop last, eliminating them from the race.

Here's this week's Elimination Station...

An "Amazing Race 17" boot list has been leaked. To find out which teams make it to the Final 3 read my secret post here!